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Halibut Hunters 7th Annual Battle At The Beach (catch photo release) onshore halibut fishing tournam

7th Annual Battle at the Beach

Rules and Sign Up Info

Halibut Hunters would like to invite you to our 7th annual onshore halibut fishing tournament. OK listen up!! We have changed the whole onshore tournament to a 9 month long, battle at the beach. We have expanded to a California STATE WIDE Battle at the Beach Tournament. We would like to have a friendly yet competitive competition!!


Entry Fee: $30 + shipping

includes official numbered halibut hunters Battle at the Beach ruler

2 ways to WIN

the main prize

What you entered to win

this will be a progressive prize tournament

the more people to sign up the better the prizes

Guaranteed premium rod a reel for first place in both main prizes

and custom trophy

Also WIN prizes for Halibut Hunters gear!

all tournament long

free shirt get to EPIC

free hat and shirt LEGEND

6 New challenges

May longest Halibut

June Longest Stripped Bass

July longest bass calico/sand/ or spotted

August longest total 3 spotted bay bass

september longest corvina

October Longest Halibut

prizes month to month will definitely be HH Gear and any Sponsors we can get to help with prizes

make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all updates on our monthly challenges


- You may only fish from land, on your feet, from spots that are open to fishing in DFG HAND BOOK and may not use float tubes, kayaks, boats, ect….

- This is a chance for you to fish your personal spots up and down the West coast, with a unique one of a kind fishing tournament for us onshore junkies.

- All persons that have entered will be shipped a ruler with his/her own personal number on it for photo proof. DO NOT use any other number Battle at the beach ruler beside the one you are issued. or that fish will not be a valid entry.

2 ways to win

- LONGEST( legal 22 inch or greater) California Halibut measured with Halibut Hunters official Battle at the Beach ruler takes 1st in the tournament.

- Brand NEW and exclusive to halibut hunters!!! there will be a 1st Place for Longest in totals. All the 22 inch or greater California Halibut you catch in till the end date 12/31 midnight. Measured with our official ruler, caught by one angler, with the same number ruler that is issued to that person. ( ALL your combined legal halibut will be add up to a total length at end of tournament. longest total wins. only valid photo entry's counted)

- what to do when measuring your California Halibut/ challenges fish with Halibut Hunters Battle at the Beach 2020 official ruler

1. find some where nice and flat to lay your ruler and fish, so we can get a accurate read on your entry

2. Take a clear!!! photo of your fish on your battle at the beach ruler, and make sure the mouth is closed and on the start line!!!

3. take a picture of you holding your halibut with your fishing setup, hook and line still in the fish. (please do not show us your spot! get down low or be clever!

3. Make sure you do not un hook your halibut till after your photos ( this is just to help us prevent any issues with your halibut entry and verification)

4. these rules are to protect all of our anglers from being accused of cheating and so forth.. so lets all play by the rules, and this will be a great time!! if you cant follow these rules your halibut entry may not be valid.. and if ever someone is caught or seen cheating. we have the right to remove you from the tournament. Thank You!

when submitting your entry of your 22 inch or bigger California Halibut send photos to


or DM us on instagram @halibut_hunters



any questions


Kile @ 760-688-2531


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